Arts of the Ryūkyū Kingdom

Date of event:   14/12/2018 − 16/12/2018

International Symposium: “Arts of the Ryūkyū Kingdom
Friday and Saturday, December 14-15 2018
University of Zurich, Switzerland

The symposium on Ryūkyū and Okinawa arts is organized by the University of Zurich in collaboration with the Museum der Kulturen, Basel (MKB). It is part of a multi-year project between the two institutions that is based on the remarkable collection of Ryūkyū textiles in the collection of the MKB. The university, the museum, and Japanese researchers from Okinawa have been examining the museum’s textile collection in a survey to be completed in 2018. This symposium marks a milestone in the project, and will be followed by major exhibitions in Japan and at the MKB.

The symposium features experts from Japan, USA and Europe and will be held over two days. Topics such as the history, tradition, and techniques of the Ryūkyūan textiles, history of the Ryūkyū Kingdom and Okinawa, comparisons to textiles from other cultures, and the MKB collection’s provenance will be discussed.

The detailed program and presentation abstracts are published on our website:

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The symposium is free and open to the public, no prior registration is necessary.

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