Job: Curator for the East-Asia Department (The Linden-Museum Stuttgart)

The Linden-Museum Stuttgart ranks among Europe’s most important ethnological museums. We are currently searching for a PhD graduate to immediately fill the full-time position of curator for the East-Asia department.…


CfP: Collections – Encounters – Inspirations

International Conference Collections – Encounters – Inspirations: Reception of Japanese art and crafts in Central and Eastern Europe before the establishment of diplomatic contacts between Poland and Japan in 1919…


CIMAM Travel Grant Program 2019

CIMAM offers around 22 travel grants to support the attendance of contemporary art museum professionals to CIMAM’s 2019 Annual Conference The 21st Century Art Museum: Is Context Everything? that will…


CFP: Historical Fabrics in a Digital World: Textile Collections of Reutlingen University

Call for Papers - Deadline: April 30, 2019 This international symposium will examine the past, present, and future of historical collections of textiles in European collections. While the papers will…


CFP: Perspective : actualité en histoire de l’art, no. 2020 – 1

Continuing with its project of publishing issues devoted to art history in and of a country, Perspective : actualité en histoire de l’art  no. 2020 – 1, will focus on Japan. Avoiding an…


Workshop: Dependency, Inequality and Material Culture

Workshop: Dependency, Inequality and Material Culture 12.-14. February 2019 University of Bonn, Germany In 2019 the new Cluster of Excellence “Beyond Slavery and Freedom. Asymmetrical Dependencies in Pre-Modern Societies” will…



Han Dynasty Stone Carved Tombs in Central and Eastern China (by Chen Li)

Han Dynasty (206 BC–AD 220) stone carved tombs were constructed from carved stone slabs or a combination of moulded bricks and carved stones, and were distributed in Central and Eastern…


The Steppe and the Sea: Pearls in the Mongol Empire (by Thomas T. Allsen)

In 1221, in what we now call Turkmenistan, a captive held by Mongol soldiers confessed that she had swallowed her pearls in order to safeguard them. She was immediately executed…


Early Medieval North China: Archaeological and Textual Evidence

Edited by: Müller, Shing / Höllmann, Thomas O. / Filip, Sonja The Xianbei from southeast Mongolia were the first foreign sovereignty over North China since the 4th century. During the…


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