Biennial Conferences

The EAAA organizes conferences every two years with the aim to bring together experts from various fields of Asian art and archaeology as well as art history and other similar fields, to create an open forum where our members can present and discuss the latest developments, new ideas and approaches related to the study of Asian art and archeology.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th EAAA conference will be organized three years apart, while subsequent conferences will be biennial.



3rd Conference, Ljubljana

Dear colleagues and friends, Greetings from Ljubljana! We hope you are all healthy and doing well in these unusual times. Although warmer and sunny days bring an air of optimism,…


2nd Conference, Zurich

The Second Conference of European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology University of Zurich, Switzerland August 24–27, 2017  The conference is jointly organized by the European Association for Asian Art and…


1st Conference, Olomouc

The First Conference of European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology September 25-27, 2014 Palacký University, Olomouc This conference is jointly organized by the EAAA and the Department of Asian Studies at…


Supported Events

True to its mission, the EAAA supports or co-organizes various scholarly activities related to the field of Asian art and archaeology.

Ddakjibon and the Cultural Hybridity of the Korean Modern Age (by Kim Sung-hwa)

Online Lecture "Ddakjibon and the Cultural Hybridity of the Korean Modern Age" by Prof. Dr. Kim Sung-hwa Format: Public lecture over Zoom (The lecture will be held in German) Speaker:…


Photography in Asia 1839–1939

International Symposium "Photography in Asia 1839–1939" Format: online Symposium duration: 30 September – 2 October 2021 Application deadline: 7 June 2021 Organized by: Academy of Performing Arts (APA), Prague, Czech…


Arts of the Ryūkyū Kingdom

International Symposium: "Arts of the Ryūkyū Kingdom” Friday and Saturday, December 14-15 2018 University of Zurich, Switzerland The symposium on Ryūkyū and Okinawa arts is organized by the University of Zurich…