Call for Bids: The 4th EAAA Conference in 2025 or 2026

Call for Bids


The European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology (EAAA) is the main academic society for Asian art and archaeology in Europe. It is an international, voluntary, independent, non-governmental and non-profit academic organisation representing professional art historians, archaeologists, researchers, students and anyone interested in Asian art and archaeology.

The EAAA invites co-organizing institutions to submit a bid to host its fourth international conference in 2025 or 2026 in Europe.

The main aims of the conference are the following:

  • To open a dialogue between scholars of Asian art and archaeology and to offer a platform for the presentation and discussion of recent research;
  • To highlight the significance of Asian art and archaeology research;
  • To focus research on the many collections of Asian art in the European collections and institutions;
  • To revise the historical approach that has been prevalent in the study and research of Asian art and archaeology;
  • To critically engage and elaborate on existing art theories and methodology;
  • To formulate new research vistas, approaches and methods in Asian art and archaeology.

Conference participation: The expected number of participants is ca. 250. The language of the conference is English. Scholars of Asian art and archaeology from Europe and beyond are invited to submit their proposals for contributions on art and archaeology of China, Japan, Korea, South and Central Asia as well as transregional and transnational studies. The proposals can also focus on art theory, methodology and museum research in the above-mentioned areas. Graduate students are encouraged to submit their proposals.

The host institution is expected to:

  • Provide official endorsement of the event;
  • Participate in the development of the programme;
  • Provide administrative, logistical and partial financial support;
  • Promote this event through various communication media (website, newsletter, email listing, SNS etc).

EAAA will provide:

  • Assistance in applying for funds from the CCK Foundation, the Korea Foundation, and the Japan Foundation;
  • Assistance in organizing the conferences (experiences from previous conferences);
  • Review of submitted proposals for panel discussions and individual papers;
  • Promote this event through various communication media (website, newsletter, mailing list, etc.);
  • Supporting the conference website on the EAAA website.

If your institution is interested in hosting the 4th EAAA conference in 2025 or 2026, please send your proposal indicating the following:

  • Name of the person leading the organizing committee at the host institution and names of the members of the organizing committee;
  • Supporting Letter from the host institution;
  • Proposed dates and duration (please note that the chosen time frame for the fourth conference should not collide with major Asian studies conferences schedule to take place that year);
  • Proposed financial and logistical support from the host institution;
  • Proposed venue, its capacity and facilities (conference premises, equipment, WIFI, catering space, etc.).

The Board will consider the bids on 13 September, and the bids will be presented at the General Assembly on 15 September 2023 in Ljubljana (during the 3rd EAAA Conference).

Deadline for application: 10 September 2023.
Please send your proposal to:

Call for Bids