CfP: European Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology 3

Date of event:   31/10/2019 − 31/10/2019


EAAA Monograph Series European Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology

Published by EAAA and BRILL
Deadline for submissions: 31 October 2019 

The EAAA Monograph Series European Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology offers in-depth and peer-reviewed scholarly contributions to topics relevant to Asian Art and Archaeology that consider subjects in a broader Asian context. The goal of this series is to analyze and interpret the social and artistic histories and heritages in Asian societies from the ancient to the contemporary contexts. This series, therefore, contributes to a deeper understanding of the cultural, philosophical, political, religious and ideological values of Asia. 

The Editorial board is currently inviting proposals for the third volume. We seek an innovative book proposal that will raise new research questions as well as challenge or open up innovative theoretical and methodological pathways in the fields of art history and Asian Studies. 

The first volume of European Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology, Production, Distribution and Appreciation: New Aspects on East Asian Lacquer Wares (Brill, 2018), focused on various aspects of Asian lacquer art ranging from the 2nd century BC to the 17th century AD. Authors in this volume addressed recent excavations of lacquerware from tombs in China, the distribution of lacquer objects throughout the Eurasian hemisphere, the significance of lacquerware in everyday life, the technical aspects of lacquer production in Korea and the appreciation of Japanese lacquer in Asia and Europe. 

The second volume, China in Europe: Performance, Material Culture and Display 1600-1900, deals with the introduction of Chinese objects to Europe, their reception and, consequently, their imitation known as “chinoiseries”. Various topics being studied include kraak porcelain, tin-glazed tiles with Chinese imagery, masqued balls at Louis XIV’s court, the ambiguity of representations à la Chinoise, illusionist wall-painting, garden planning and Cantonese export paintings etc. The volume will be published in 2020.

Scholars of Asian art and archaeology from Europe and beyond are invited to submit their proposals that engage the fields of art and archaeology of China, Japan, Korea, South and Central Asia as well as Asian transregional and transnational studies. 

Proposals should include an abstract of the volume, name of authors (+ affiliation, a short CV of max. 100 words), titles and abstracts of individual papers / chapters. The language of publication is English.

Proposals should be sent to Hans Bjarne Thomsen: by 31 October 2019.