Event: ecoArt China Speaker Series – A Conversation with the artist Zheng Chongbin

Date of event:   21/10/2021 − 21/10/2021

Date: 21 October 2021 (7 pm MDT)
Speakers: Lisa Claypool (ecoArt China curator) and Zheng Chongbin (artist)
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From solace to sadness, resilience to despair, ecoart has elicited many different feelings about nature. What it means to work in the realm of ecoart has increasingly preoccupied artists in China today; they present us with images of damaged landscapes, sites of unexpected beauty, and ghostly environments. ecoArt China is a series of free talks and an online exhibition which respond to ecological crises in China and invite you to explore the big questions about art as a form of environmental activism.

On October 21 at 7 pm MDT ecoArt China curator Lisa Claypool will be in conversation with the artist Zheng Chongbin about his recent ink paintings and light installation art. They will discuss the his translation of environmental concerns into an aesthetic, the participatory dimension of his artwork, how he works in the studio and with scientists at Stanford University, his installation at the Ryosoku-in Zen temple in Kyoto, as well as the critical question about the ways his artwork asks us to see each other and the planet with greater clarity.

Zheng Chongbin is an artist interested in the architectonic spaces of ink painting and light installation, and in seeing mosses and trees, as well as other natural forms, from shifting micro- and macro-scopic perspectives. Born in Shanghai, and educated there, he now lives and works in the Bay Area. His work has been exhibited at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, New York Metropolitan Museum, the Ryosokuin Temple in Kyoto, M+ in Hong Kong, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Stanford Cantor Arts Center, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Shanghai Biennale, and the Venice Biennale.

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