Exhibition: Art in China 1949–1979 (Ashmolean Museum)

Date of event:   02/05/2020 − 04/10/2020

Exhibition Title: Art in China 1949–1979
Duration: 2 May, 2020 to 4 October, 2020
Venue: Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK

This exhibition covers the period from the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 to shortly after the death of Chairman Mao Zedong in 1976. It explores the significant changes that occurred in Chinese art over a period of thirty years that saw destruction, hardship and famine as well as the reconstruction of a new China based on communist principles.

Traditional Chinese paintings are represented by a number of established artists still working in the 1950s, including the well-known painters Qi Baishi and Fu Baoshi. Woodcut prints and New Year’s Prints show how elements of folk art were still being used, often with a political twist. Propaganda posters of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) are displayed alongside examples of Chairman Mao’s calligraphy and poetry and represent the height of the Mao cult. All works in the exhibition are from the Ashmolean Museum’s permanent collection.

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