Exhibition: Four Cities through Creswell’s Lens – Cairo, Jerusalem, Aleppo and Baghdad (V&A)

Date of event:   21/05/2021 − 29/05/2022

Title: Four Cities through Creswell’s Lens: Cairo, Jerusalem, Aleppo and Baghdad
Duration: from 21 May 2021 until 29 May 2022
Institution: Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK


This display brings together images by K.A.C Creswell (1879-1974) which capture views of four major Middle Eastern cities in the early 20th century

Creswell was an English historian and a pioneer of scholarship on medieval Islamic architecture. His architectural and photographic records along with his monumental books, represent today a unique account of the architectural heritage of the region. He is considered one of the first scholars to use photography comprehensively in the study of Islamic architecture. The V&A acquired more than 3,300 of his prints between 1921 and 1939.

The research for this display was supported by the Barakat Trust.

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