Exhibition: HOKURIKU: New Japanese Lacquer Art (Museum of Lacquer Art)

Title: HOKURIKU: New Japanese Lacquer Art
Organized by: Museum of Lacquer Art, Münster, Germany

The special exhibition presents selected objects by eight lacquer artists from Hokuriku, a region of the main island of Honshū facing the Sea of Japan. The area is considered one of the most important lacquer centres in Japan, as it offers ideal climatic conditions and the occurrence of natural materials for the production of lacquer works.
The contemporary artists all shape an independent style, detached from the traditional forms and motifs of Japanese lacquer art. Many of the artists work in the technique of dry lacquer or use special types of wood as core materials to create their works. Some interpret traditional techniques in a completely new way, others experiment with different materials and innovative forms.

The artworks are shown in conjunction with film footage by the Japanese documentary filmmaker Mieko Azuma, whose work is dedicated to the time-consuming and labour-intensive processes of lacquer production and sensitively portrays the artists.