Himalayan Art in 108 Objects (by Elena Pakhoutova and Karl Debreczeny)

Title: Himalayan Art in 108 Objects
Authors: Elena Pakhoutova and Karl Debreczeny
Published by: Scala Arts Publishers Inc., 2023

The story of Himalayan art is illuminated through a collection of significant objects from the Neolithic era to today. Thangka paintings, sculptures, drawings, textiles, architectural structures, and more serve as a guide to explore the historical traditions, rituals, social practices, and art forms from Tibetan, Indian, Nepalese, Bhutanese, Mongolian, and Chinese, regions, emphasizing cross-cultural exchange with Tibet at the center. Photographs and essays bring each object to life, introducing readers to the diversity and uniqueness of Tibetan, Himalayan, and Inner Asian art and practices, while highlighting the importance of the region in understanding broader Asia. Selected and authored by an international group of scholars and curators, these 108 objects offer an accessible introduction to this rich yet underrepresented field. This highly anticipated publication is part of the Rubin Museum’s Project Himalayan Art, an initiative to cultivate resources for teaching and learning about Himalayan art and cultures.

Elena Pakhoutova is Senior Curator, Himalayan Art, at the Rubin Museum of Art.

Karl Debreczeny is Senior Curator, Collections and Research, at the Rubin Museum of Art.

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