Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art: The World, Two Metres Away – Arts and Culture during the Pandemic

Title: The World, Two Metres Away: Arts and Culture during the Pandemic
Published by: Intellect Books, 2021
Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art Volume 8, Numbers 2-3


The Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art (JCCA) is a scholarly forum for the presentation of new research into and critical debate on or concerned with the subject of contemporary Chinese art.



The world, two metres away (pp. 101-105)
Author: Jiang, Jiehong

COVID-19 and viral anti-Asian racism: A multimodal critical discourse analysis of memes and the racialization of the COVID-19 pandemic (pp. 107-127)
Authors: Wu, Yan; Wall, Matthew

Sharing food, vulnerability and intimacy in a global pandemic: The digital art of the Chinese diaspora in Europe (pp. 129-145)
Author: Bao, Hongwei

The nearby: A scope of seeing (pp. 147-165)
Author: Xiang, Biao

Pandemic, censorship and creative protests via grassroots visual mobilization (pp. 167-191)
Author: Wang, Meiqin

Pericoronial writing from China and the diaspora (pp. 193-215)
Author: Chambers, Claire

Writing memory: Three visual diaries related to ‘pharmacy’ (pp. 217-236)
Author: Chow, Stefanie Yuen King

Make this tango viral: Touching toward the untouchable in tele-synaesthesia performance (pp. 237-266)
Author: Hao, Ada Xiaoyu

Reshaping posthuman subjectivity: Lu Yang’s representation of virtual bodies in the COVID-19 pandemic (pp. 267-289)
Author: Gao, Shiyu

From IRL (in-real-life) to URL: Capturing the art biennial amid COVID-19 (pp. 291-311)
Author: Kuo, (Gwen) Kuan-ying

Curating pandemic contingencies: Remote collaboration and display reconfiguration in practice (pp. 313-337)
Author: Lai, Mankit

Infected or transmitted: Conversation with Chen Danqing, 5 September 20201 (pp. 339-350)
Authors: Chen, Danqing; Jiang, Jiehong

Expressions of the pandemic: Conversation with Gu Zheng, 4 July 20201 (pp. 351-361)
Authors: Gu, Zheng; Jiang, Jiehong

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