Lectures: Tombs in Early Korea by Ariane Perrin (V&A)

Date of event:   24/02/2020 11:10 − 24/02/2020 15:30

Title: Tombs in Early Korea
Time and date: Monday 24 February 2020, 11:10 – 15:30
Venue: Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK

Ariane Perrin (La Rochelle University) will give a series of three lectures within the “Korea Module” of the “Arts of East Asia: China, Korea and Japan” Academy Course programme 2019-20 of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Lecture programme:
11h10: Early Korea and the Politics of Archaeology
12h30: Ancient Tombs of Korea and Interaction with China
14h30: Ancient Tombs of Southern Korea and Interaction with Japan

The second part of this term is dedicated to the Arts of Korea. Through the detailed study of early tomb architecture and pictorial art, the relationship between Korean art and that of China and Japan will be explored. The advent of Buddhism sparked a distinctly Korean style of stone sculpture and religious art in paintings and manuscripts.

Life in later Korea is experienced through traditional architecture and interiors, raising issues of gender and structures in society. Lacquer, furniture and textiles display a decorative repertoire and artistry rooted in Korean culture. The pictorial arts will also be examined in the context of literati paintings and genre painting.

Finally, Korean ceramics will be examined from the Koryo to the present. Long collected and admired within Asia, Korean ceramics were prized in the West by ceramicists such as Bernard Leach who admired their simple aesthetic. The V&A collection of stoneware and porcelains will form the mainstay of our study from historical pieces to those produced today.

For more information on the course please click [here], full course programme for the year 2019-20 is available [here].