Online event: Beyond Japonisme – Western artists in Asia and artists from East Asia – China, Korea, Japan – in France (Round Table)

Date of event:   29/01/2022 − 29/01/2022

Date: 29 January 2022
Time: 17:30 to 20:00 (JST)
Language: French and Japanese
Format: Online over Zoom
Theme: Au-delà du japonisme Artistes occidentaux en Asie et artistes d’Asie de l’Est – Chine, Corée, Japon – en France ||  ジャポニスムを越えて:アジアにおける西洋の芸術家とフランスにおける東アジア(日本、中国、韓国)の芸術家
Organizers: IFRJ-MFJ, Sciencescope, LFI Tokyo, SEJT



17:30 – 17:40    Welcome to the public and opening of the round table
Bernard THOMANN, director of the IRFM-MFJ
Thomas SILVERSTON, Professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology, President of Sciencescope

Magali BUGNE (Teikyô University, associate researcher at the French Institute for Research on Japan at the Franco-Japanese House – Umifre 19, MEAE-CNRS)
Gilles MASTALSKI (Society for the Study of Japonisme Société asiatique, Professor at LFI Tokyo)
YAGISHITA Emi (University of WASEDA, Society for the Study of Japonisme Société asiatique)


17:40 – 18:00
Christian POLAK, Félix RÉGAMEY and Georges BIGOT

18:00 – 18:10    Questions and discussion

18:10 – 18:30
Asie et en Micronésie: itinéraire d’un japoniste hors du Japon (Asia and Micronesia: itinerary of a Japanese artist outside Japan)

18:40 – 18:50    Questions and discussion

18:50 – 19:10
Viviane LE BERRE
Bertha Lum dans l’Empire du Milieu: l’œuvre chinoise d’une japoniste (Bertha Lum in the Middle Kingdom: the Chinese work of a Japanese artist)

19:10 – 19:20    Questions and discussion

19:20 – 19:40
YU Yue
Artistes d’Asie de l’Est dans le Paris des Années folles. La réception des œuvres de YUN Gee, HASEGAWA Noboru et PAI Un-Soung (East Asian Artists in the Paris of the Roaring Twenties. The reception of works by YUN Gee, HASEGAWA Noboru and PAI Un-Soung)

19:40 – 19:50    Questions and discussion

19:50 – 20:00    Closing remarks
Bernard THOMANN, and Thomas SILVERSTON