Online Lecture: Demystifying Indian and Islamic Arms and Armour (Orientations Art Circle / Asia Society Series)

Date of event:   11/03/2021 − 11/03/2021

Title: Demystifying Indian and Islamic Arms and Armour
Lecture series: Orientations Art Circle / Asia Society Lecture Series
Date: Thursday, 11 March 2021 (9:00 pm (HKT)); online event (Facebook LIVE and YouTube)
Speakers: Joachim Meyer (The David Collection), Rachel Parikh (Worcester Art Museum)
Moderator: Yifawn Lee (publisher and editor of Orientations)
Organized by: Orientations Art Circle at Asia Society

We are pleased to launch Orientations Art Circle at Asia Society with a new lecture series where we will mark the publication of the latest issue of Orientations magazine by inviting contributors to share the latest research from their articles. The March/April 2021 issue features two articles on Islamic and Indian arms and armour. The first by Joachim Meyer discusses objects in an exhibition opening on 26 March at the David Collection in Copenhagen titled, ‘Fighting, Hunting, Impressing: Arms and Armour from the Islamic World, 1500–1850’, which includes objects lent from public and private collections in Denmark. The exhibition presents some of the most important types of arms and armour from the Islamic world and puts them in the contexts of combat, hunting, and ceremonial usage. The second article by Rachel Parikh looks at the influence of animals on the decoration, form and function of South Asian arms and armour whether or not it is through symbolism or the materials.

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