Seminar Series: Dunhuang and Silk Road Seminars, Michaelmas 2022 Programme

Date of event:   20/10/2022 − 01/12/2022

Format: Online and in person (TBA)
Duration: 20 October 2022 to 1 December 2022
Organized by: Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

We are thrilled to announce the Michaelmas 2022 programme for our Dunhuang and Silk Road Seminar series. The first talk by Prof. Solonin will be held via Zoom, the rest in person. Organizers will attempt to also stream other talks via Zoom, if possible.


Dunhuang and Silk Road Seminars – Michaelmas 2022 Programme


Seminar 1: 20 October 2022, Thursday 5pm
Kirill Solonin (Renmin University of China)
What one needs to know about Tangut Buddhism? (online seminar via Zoom)

Seminar 2: 27 October 2022, Thursday 5pm
Hannes Fellner (University of Vienna)
Brahmi writing culture on the Eastern Silk Road

Seminar 3: 10 November 2022, Thursday 5pm
Tjalling Halbertsma (University of Groningen)
The achievements of Rabban Sauma: Medieval remains of the Church of the East in Inner Mongolia

Seminar 4: 24 November 2022, Thursday 5pm
Friederike Assandri (Universit├Ąt Leipzig)

Seminar 5: 1 December 2022, Thursday 5pm
Hajni Elias (University of Cambridge)
TBA (offline only – no streaming)


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