The Gold of Chinese Emperors

Date of event:   16/08/2018 − 15/02/2019

Royal Gold Wares of Wanli Period, Ming Dynasty – Dong Bo Zhai Collection

National Museum of Slovenia

August 16, 2018 – February 15, 2019

Prestigious exhibition of original artfully made jewelry, tableware, and other items of artistic merit.
The gold items from the imperial treasury of the Ming dynasty, more precisely, from the Wanli period (1573–1620), are great masterpieces of gold crafts, and they show the sophisticated taste as well as the economic power of the famous rulers. Jewelry, tableware, and other items of artistic merit show the social position of their owners, while depictions of dragons with five claws and phoenixes reveal connections with the imperial family. These items rarely leave China and can be seen in Slovenia for the first time.
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Deer-shaped gold filigree casket, Ming dynasty, Wanli period, China, 1601

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