Webinar: Envisioning East Asian Art History: 20 Books in 2020

Date of event:   31/07/2020 − 31/07/2020

Date: Friday, July 31, 11 AM-1 PM EST (8-11 PST, 4-6 PM UK, 11-1 AM SGT)

In an unprecedented year, 2020 will also see the publication of an exceptionally diverse and wide-ranging list of books on East Asian art history. We hope to come together as a community to celebrate the breadth and richness of these new publications, ranging from the tomb arts of the 3rd century BC to contemporary Japanese calligraphy, from early modern painting to textile arts, from canonical classics of calligraphy to modern design.

We ask: What can art history do to facilitate mutual understanding of complex histories of exchange, encounter, and creation? What kinds of historical sympathy can we achieve through writing and teaching art history? What challenges do we face, and how do we envision the role of this field in the crucial conversations of the future?

For more information, please visit the website. Read the books and meet the authors here and register here.

Organized by the Steering Committee for the Society for the Promotion of International English-Language Scholarship on East Asian Art History: Aurelia Campbell, Yi Gu, Christine I Ho, Nozomi Naoi, Stephen H Whiteman, Xue Lei. With support from University of Washington Press, University of California Press, Columbia University Press, and Harvard University Asia Center Press.