Workshop: Visual Materials in Local Gazetteers

Date of event:   22/04/2021 − 23/04/2021

Title: Visual Materials in Local Gazetteers
Duration: 22-23 April 2021; through ZOOM
Institutio: The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Germany

Based on the foundation laid by MPIWG’s “Tu 圖” Working Group and the Local Gazetteers Research Tools (LoGaRT), this workshop invites 14 scholars to conduct comprehensive and comparative research that investigate the role of visual materials in Chinese local gazetteers, Projects to be presented cover the following themes: geography and spatial representations, objects, material culture and ritual processes, star maps and astronomy, and the discourse. Please see complete program below.

The participants and audience are expected to read all the papers in advance of the workshop. At the workshop, each paper has a dedicated 15-minute slot. Each author will talk within 5 minutes to briefly indicate their works and to address what is missing in the draft papers. The rest of the time will be devoted to Q&A.

Contact and Registration
Please contact Shih-Pei Chen for any additional information. If you would like to participate, please send an email to Only limited spaces available.

For more information about the workshop, program, and how to register as audience member, please visit the website here.