CfP: Journal of Art Theory and Art History

Deadline: before end of September 2022
Published by: Chinese Social Sciences Press, Beijing, China
Sponsored by: School of Arts, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

The Journal of Art Theory and Art History is a semi-annual print journal sponsored by the School of Arts, Nanjing University,published by Chinese Social Sciences Press. The journal focuses on studying art theory, art history, and art criticism. It encourages research based on local cultural experience and domestic academic circles and promotes the frontier study of foreign academic circles. Its ultimate goal is to build a more intellectually vibrant and dynamic academic platform and further contribute to the development of art disciplines in China.

Author Guidelines:

  • The journal implements a three-trial system for all submitted manuscripts, with the editor in charge of the initial review, peer reviewers (two anonymous review generally), and the editor-in-chief for the final review.
  • The length should be 8000-15000 words in Chinese, including Chinese abstract (300 words), keywords, and English title. If the paper is part of a funded project, please indicate the project title and approval number in a footnote on the first page.
  • Please indicate the author’s name, affiliation, professional title, research direction, mailing address and E-mail address in the manuscript.
  • The proper foreign language nouns (person’s name, place name, etc.) appearing in the article shall be marked with the original text in brackets after the translated name, except for the very common ones.
  • Due to limited staffing, this journal only accepts email submissions. Please do not submit more than one manuscript. Those who have not received the acceptance notice within two months have the right to dispose of their work.
  • The journal has the right to delete and modify the accepted manuscripts. If you do not agree to delete or modify the manuscript, please acknowledge the editors when submitting the manuscript.
  • The papers published in this journal have been included in CNKI and other databases. Please declare when submitting the manuscript if the author disagrees to be included and reproduced.
  • For other unmentioned matters, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the editorial department of this journal through the submission e-mail.

The editors prefer contributions from art history, archaeology, cultural studies and philosophy from global perspectives. The call for papers with guidelines and journal information is available below. Deadline for contribution is the end of September 2022. Please send your initial interests and abstract earlier. Papers in English or Chinese will be accepted. The journal will be published in early 2023. Do not hesitate to contact professor Xu Zhijun (, or Goran Đurđević ( for details.


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